Vision / Value Statements

Council Vision Statement

The City of Warrenville is committed to:

  • Maintaining a safe, walkable, and friendly community for all ages
  • Creating a variety of community resources, providing opportunities for family-friendly activities and events
  • Enhancing the local tax base to include a mix of office, industrial, and retail businesses
  • Promoting local economic development
  • Fostering positive community relations
  • Maintaining culturally diverse residential neighborhoods with a variety of housing types
  • Preserving a clean environment and natural open spaces
  • Continuously enhancing city services and improving local infrastructure at a fair cost
  • Providing recreational opportunities and facilities
  • Building an interconnecting system of bicycle and pedestrian pathways
  • Developing public transportation modes
  • Supporting quality schools
  • Providing opportunities for residents and families to interact and become acquainted
  • Maintaining a small town ambiance with a friendly, helpful atmosphere for short-term residents and long-term residents, businesses, employees, and visitors alike

Council Values Statement

The City of Warrenville values friendly helpful residents, plentiful parks and natural open spaces, a clean environment, cultural activities, a diverse population, quality city services, diverse housing stock, ample recreational opportunities, thriving businesses with a mix of retail, office and industrial, family-oriented community activities, entertainment and events, working closely with other units of local government.

Adopted by Warrenville City Council: June 3, 2002