City Clerk

Mission Statement

The mission of the Warrenville City Clerk's Office is to provide support to the City Council and the Warrenville citizens by managing the City's records in a professional, effective, and efficient manner.


The City Clerk, an elected official, attends meetings of the City Council, keeps records of its proceeding, and publishes and attests to all resolutions and ordinances passed by the City Council. The Clerk also attests to all contracts of the City, as well as all licenses, permits, and other documents. The City Clerk is responsible for keeping the official minutes of the City Council as well as maintaining the City Code.

The position is responsible for distributing local, state, and federal election information and conducts voter registration throughout the year. Although the City Clerk does not hold regular office hours, an appointed Deputy City Clerk performs the necessary day-to-day functions of the office under the direction of the City Clerk.