Well No. 13 and Iron Filtration Building

Current Status:

As of September 8, 2023, mass grading work is nearly complete. The building pad, temporary driveway, and the water and sanitary sewer stubs are complete. 

The well contractor is in the process of drilling the new well. Test pumping of the new well is expected to occur in late September or early October. Staff has obtained initial well data on 12 private wells in the neighborhood, and will monitor the water levels in those wells during the test pumping of the City's new well.

Draft image of Well Number 13 and Iron Filtration Building


30W121 Estes Street (southern Lot 2).

Scope of Work:

Mass grading, installation of water and sanitary sewer stubs, drilling new City water well, and construction of iron filtration building, and related pavement.

City staff and Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (EEI) are working with cooperating residents to obtain information about their private wells. This information will be used to determine if the City’s new well will have any detrimental impacts on nearby private wells on Briggs Avenue and Estes Street.

Construction Contract Amounts:

  1. Mass Grading and Site Improvements (Fox Excavating) – $436,131
  2. Well No. 13 (Municipal Well & Pump) - $427,164

Funding Source:

TIF #4

  1. Philip Kuchler

    Public Works Director