Route 59 Multi Use Paths Project

Current Status:

As of September 27, 2023, preliminary engineering design is nearly complete. A public meeting will be held on Thursday, October 12, from 4 pm -6 pm in City Council Chambers at 28W701 Stafford Place.  All persons interested in this project are invited to attend this meeting. See Public Notice (PDF).  The City is currently applying for additional federal funding to cover the increase in cost of construction for the project.  Final Engineering will occur in 2025.

Route 59 Multi-Use Paths Location Map


Route 59 between Batavia Road and Continental/Meadow Avenue.

Scope of Work:

In January 2016, City Council adopted Addendum No. 1 to the Bikeway Implementation Plan which was originally adopted by City Council in November 2010.   The segment of Route 59 from Batavia Road to Continental/Meadow is the highest priority identified in the addendum due to multiple factors such as: vehicle speed limit, traffic volume, accidents and accessibility. This project will benefit residents by allowing a safe, ADA accessible path to commercial areas, and existing pedestrian routes along Continental and Batavia Road. It will consist of adding paths/sidewalk on both sides of Route 59 from Batavia to Continental/Meadow, installation of handicapped accessible ramps, replacement of existing sidewalk, new storm sewers and the relocation of signs and utility poles.  A small portion of the project segment will require the acquisition of easement.

Expected Construction and Cost Estimate:

2026/2027, $2,800,000

Funding Source:

STP (Federal Surface Transportation Funding)

General Fund

Route IL 59 Multi Paths Project Improvements Visualization

  1. Kristine Hocking

    Senior Civil Engineer