OTRS #2 Tank Removal Project

Old Town Redevelopment Site #2 formerly Phillips 66/Citgo Gas Station, 28W244 Warrenville Road - Tank Removal Project

Estimated Construction: January 2021

Project Overview: The City acquired the property formerly known as Phillips 66/Citgo gas station at the northeast corner of Warrenville Road and Batavia Road in early July 2020. The vacant, dilapidated property had been deteriorating over the past 25 years.  The City has discussed this property at several Committee and City Council meetings.  Links to City Council documents can be found below.

Bids were opened on November 2, 2020 for this project.  The low bidder was Stiles, Inc. The scope of the project is to remove four underground storage tanks, associated piping, gas pumps, any contaminated soil surrounding the tanks, and to restore the surface with aggregate.  The work is anticipated to take about 5 days.  

Low Bid Contractor: Stiles Inc.

Public Notice:  January 4, 2021 Notice of Construction


  • Week of January 4:  Mobilization of equipment
  • Week of January 11:  Erection of fence, removal of concrete, gas pumps, piping, underground storage tanks
  • Week of January 18: Completion of work and restoration

Recent City Council Meetings: 

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