The City of Warrenville does not have its own wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater, which comes from sinks, toilets, baths, and washing machines, must be treated by a wastewater treatment plant to remove pollutants. Warrenville has contracted with the City of Naperville to have our wastewater treated by their facility.

Wastewater drains from a home into the City's sanitary sewer system and is eventually transported to the City of Naperville's facility. The charge for this service is passed on to the resident in their sewer bill. A property's meter gauges the amount of wastewater exiting the home. Utility Division personnel are available on a 24-hour basis for emergencies regarding sanitary sewer problems.

Sewer Inspection Program

Throughout the year, the City of Warrenville administers a Sewer Maintenance and Inspection Program. The inspection of sewers requires that specialized video equipment be used to inspect the sewer. If blockages or cracks are discovered, then obstructions are removed and/or repairs are made. Part of this work includes flushing sewers, which is now done on a daily basis. This program will help prevent sewer backups into residential properties and will also help maintain the integrity of the entire sewer network.

Residents may be experiencing side effects from the operations of this program. While a sewer line is being cleaned, individuals may find "bubbling" water in or water missing from their toilets. Additionally, sink drains (P traps) may empty of water and cause an odor. These issues are temporary and do not pose a danger or indicate a malfunction. Residents need only flush the toilets and/or run water into their sinks. It is also advisable to keep the toilet lids closed to stop any water from splashing onto the floor.

To find out when sewer inspections are coming to a specific residential neighborhood, contact the Public Works Department.

Sump Pump Inspection Program

The Utility Division offers a complimentary sump pump inspection, to businesses, to ensure that the pump is not hooked/flowing into the City's sanitary sewer.