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The original item was published from 8/23/2023 1:26:00 PM to 8/23/2023 1:28:01 PM.

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Posted on: August 10, 2023

[ARCHIVED] City Zoning Code Update Public Meeting and Next Steps

Warrenville By Design City Zoning Code update process

The City's Zoning Code Update public meeting August 9 allowed residents to share their thoughts on how the City can maintain its small-town feel in key areas of the community.

  • Approximately 50 residents attended a public input meeting about the future of the Old Town and Civic Center areas of Warrenville.  
  • They viewed 120 images of different developments (uses, scales, sizes, styles) to rank and discuss in small groups.  
  • None of the images were proposals for Warrenville. They were examples given to learn about resident's preferences that guide future City zoning regulations.  
  • There will be additional opportunities for public comments during the Warrenville by Design Project process:  
  • After the City's consultant drafts zoning recommendations, there will be a public process to adopt changes to the City Zoning Code. 
  • If and when a project is proposed, a review process that includes Planning/Zoning and City Council meetings will include public comment about any development proposals.

The City will update its zoning code to regulate future development and:

  • Make sure that City buildings and public spaces (streets, sidewalks, parking, plazas, and gathering places) are connected and result in a high-quality, dynamic environment
  • Attract private sector investment
  • Provide different types of housing in key areas of the community 

There are two main focus areas:

  1. Butterfield Road and Batavia Road
  2. Warrenville Road and Batavia Road

Goals include:

  • Creating walkable, vibrant, community centers
  • Encouraging mixed-use development
  • Providing a variety of housing types

PHASE ONE of this process in May included a project kick-off meeting, listening sessions, and a field survey. 

Learn more about those sessions in the Key Takeaways Summary at: WarrenvillebyDesign-KeyTakeawaysSummary.pdf

We encourage you to review the Project Directions Memo, which identifies key issues and recommendations, and also outlines the updated zoning code structure at: WarrenvillebyDesign-KeyTakeawaysSummary.pdf




What is the City’s Role?

  • Why is the City developing these properties?
  • Why do we need zoning regulations?


The City is not a developer. The City began a community process to create zoning regulations, which will help Warrenville respond IF there is developer interest in a project in the future. Zoning regulations educate developers about community expectations for desirable projects and set guidelines for developers to follow. Creating zoning regulations does not automatically change any of these areas. More information about the project is available at:

The Warrenville By Design website will be updated continuously throughout the project. 

 What Will the Zoning Allow?

  • Why weren’t the new zoning codes, including parking and more, discussed at the August 9th meeting?
  • What is happening now?


There are no new zoning codes. This process is  the first of four stages. The focus at this stage is to gather community opinions. Specific items like parking, setbacks, height, permissible land uses, green space requirements, and more will be included in a draft expected in early 2024. When the draft is ready, we’ll ask the  community to review and comment on the proposed zoning changes.  

What Will be Developed?

  • Concerns about additional housing impacting community character, local resources and services
  • Desire for more green space & more businesses

The City has not received any development requests for the Old Town or Civic Center areas. The Warrenville by Design effort will create new zoning regulations and define permitted and special uses for those areas, based on resident’s comments and community vision. The zoning codes will set clear expectations to ensure that each new investment is a step toward realizing Warrenville’s vision for small-town character. Based on community comments so far, the regulations will focus on walkable, well-connected places, high-quality construction, with connectivity to trails, enhanced green spaces, and access to and protection of natural areas.

Why Discuss Housing?

  • Why do we need to consider any new housing?

Warrenville has an adopted Housing Action Plan that recognizes the City’s diversity and desirability. Warrenville is growing and attracting people of all ages. Housing choices must provide options for seniors, young professionals, and others looking for quality, attainable housing.  The Warrenville by Design process will provide recommendations and supporting zoning codes to accommodate some new housing in specific areas.

When will Development Happen?

  • Why can’t the properties remain as is?  Why must development take place?

The City does not control changes in the market, but is required to respond to requests. Investment in Warrenville is critical to the success and viability of our community – bringing shopping, jobs, recreation facilities, and other amenities to our residents. The Warrenville by Design project will result in a zoning code, developed with community feedback, that the City can use to tell developers what it prefers for these areas.  

What’s Next?

  • How can residents stay involved?
  • When is the next opportunity to participate?

There will be additional opportunities for public feedback through the Warrenville by Design Project process. Public comments are encouraged and welcomed. After draft zoning recommendations are prepared by the City’s consultant, there will be a public process to adopt changes to the City Code.  If and when a project is proposed, careful review, including Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals and City Council meetings, will provide additional opportunity for public comments related to specific requests received.

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