License Types

  1. Amusement Device

Amusement Devices / Game Room

Any person or business having amusement devices at their establishment, must obtain a sticker for each device. In addition, any establishment having more than one amusement device must obtain a game room license. A nonrefundable investigation fee of $375 will be required, unless the applicant holds a valid liquor license with the City. Each license and sticker is valid for one year beginning on January 1 and expiring on December 31 or each year.  Complete the Amusement Devices/Game Room application (PDF).

Game Room LicenseFee
Class A - 20 Devices or More$1,000
Class B - 11 to 19 Devices$500
Class C - 2 to 10 Devices$50

StickersFees (Per Device)
One or More Amusement Devices$100
Pool Snooker, or Billiard Tables$50
Transfer Fee$5
  1. Animals
  1. Business
  1. Carnival
  1. Food Handler
  1. Liquor
  1. Outdoor Seating
  1. Raffle
  1. Scavenger
  1. Solicitor
  1. Taxi/Limo
  1. Tobacco Dealer
  1. Video Gaming
  1. Pavement Sealcoat/Sealant