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College Student Internship Program Application

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    3S245 Warren Avenue, Warrenville, IL 60555 / Non-Emergency (630) 393-2131 / FAX (630) 393-4071
  3. College Student Internship Program Application
  4. About this Program
    The Warrenville Police Department is proud to join efforts with area universities and colleges to offer the opportunity of an internship experience. This (non-paid) internship offers students an opportunity to observe and work within each division of the Police Department. The program's objective is to provide a meaningful learning experience and an opportunity to assess the police profession first-hand. Typical experiences may include: Juvenile investigations, Adult investigations, Crime Scene Unit activities, Traffic Enforcement, Patrol Operations, Records, and dispatch center communications (DuComm). The internship provides a rewarding experience, giving an intern the opportunity to compare and contract academic teachings to real-life situations. And, while each internship experience will vary, its intention is to provide a comprehensive hands-on learning experience, providing a wide variety of police skill observations from crime scenes to daily operations. If you are interested in participating in the College Student Internship Program, please complete the application provided. If you would like to learn more about the program or need assistance, please call (630) 393-2131 and ask to speak with the College Internship Program Coordinator. Applications will be submitted online, or by mailing a hard copy to the Department's above address to the attention of the College Internship Program Coordinator.
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  9. Are you fluent in a language other than English?
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  13. Do you have any convictions for any misdemeanor offense(s) - other than parking / traffic citations?
  14. Do you have any convictions for driving under the influence of any kind?
  15. Has any family member ever been arrested for a crime - other than a minor traffic violation?
  16. Have you received any moving and/or non-moving traffic conviction?
  17. Do you have any physical limitation that will prevent you from performing any duties?
    (Please list two non-related references)
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  23. I affirm that the disclosed information within this official document was provided by me, and the information contained herein is true and correct. I acknowledge by signature of this affirmation that any falsification, misrepresentations, or omission of any information may be just cause for the rejection on my application, or, if selected, used as a basis for my dismissal from the Warrenville Police Department College Internship Program.
  24. WAIVER
    In Consideration of my application to be accepted into the Warrenville Police Department College Internship Program, I authorize the City of Warrenville to make any investigation concerning my fitness for this internship. Furthermore, I understand that for certain positions, inquires by the City of Warrenville may include, but are not limited to, investigating criminal convictions, credit history, and contacting references listed on this application, and I agree to cooperate fully with such investigation.
  25. WARPD-00025, revised 03/12/18
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