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Open Burn Permit Application

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  2. Open Burn Permit Application
  3. Community Development Department
    3S258 Manning Avenue, Warrenville, IL 60555, Ph.: 630-393-9050 Fax: 630-393-1531
  4. Section 1: Property, Contact, and Owner Information
    No more than one City of Warrenville burn/bonfire permit shall be issued per month to the same applicant or for the same location.Sec.6-7-3.A.1f.
  5. The Applicant is the contact person for the proposed project. All correspondences will be directed to the Applicant
  6. City staff will communicate approvals or questions through this email address.
  7. Section 2: Burn information
    This section provides us with an understanding of your project and the scope of work. Please provide sufficient detail in the "Project Description " box.
  8. Fires located in an approved container shall be set back a minimum of 15 feet from buildings and combustible fences. Fires not located in an approved container shall be set back a minimum of 50 feet from all buildings and combustible fences. 6-7-2. A.1.
  9. Application for burn permit must be submitted to the City of Warrenville Community Development Department at least three days before the open burning is proposed to be conducted.
  10. Unless specifically approved in writing by the Director of Community and Economic Development, bonfires shall only occur on Fridays or Saturdays for a maximum of five consecutive hours
  11. The source of fuel is limited to seasoned dry firewood and/or dry branches and limbs collected from trees, shrubs, or bushes located on the property where the bonfire or large landscape waste fire is occurring and is ignited with a small amount of clean paper. The fuel shall be chosen to minimize the generation and emission of air contaminants. Sec. 6-7-3.A.1d.
  12. Permit will not be processed until a site plan indicating the specific location of the burn area, has been received by the Building Department.
  13. Section 4: Permit Agreement
    By initialing and dating, the applicant agrees to the conditions of the permit.
  14. Permit Process
    Applicants will be contacted within 5 business days via email. Open Burn Permits not picked up prior to date of burn will be deemed voided and disposed of. Open Burn Permit must be made available on site at time of burning.
  15. Permit Validity:
    Open Burn Permits are only good for the date approved on the permit. Open Burn Permit holders are responsible for contacting the Community Development Department for any changes prior to date of approved burn. Request received after the approved date will be considered a new burn and a 30 day waiting period may be required.
  16. Acknowledgement:
    By executing this document Property Owner/Applicant acknowledges his/her understanding that (i) the City typically attaches specific Permit Conditions or Building Code Review Compliance Requirements to issued Permits, of which the Owner must comply, (ii) all applicable City Permit fees are due and payable, and (iii) all required City inspections are to be scheduled by the applicant and performed by the City.
  17. Owner and applicant signatures will be required for permit issuance.
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