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Certificate of Occupancy

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  2. Certificate of Occupancy Application
    This application is for obtaining a commercial occupancy certificate due to a change of occupancy, change of classification or use, or addition. A fee of $50 is due upon issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy ($100 for units greater than 10,000 square feet).
  3. Application Information
  4. If you selected none of the above, please explain your purpose of applying for a certificate of occupancy.
  5. Agent information can be provided in lieu of owner's information.
  6. Site Information
  7. Will be an assembly use?*
    Generally assemble use includes restaurants, taverns, sport facilities, religious gatherings, and theaters.
  8. Will products be stored/displayed on racks?*
  9. Will hazardous materials be stored on the premises*
  10. Provide list of materials and data on the materials.
  11. Is the space protected with automatic fire suppression (sprinklers)
  12. Floor plan should indicate location of furnishings, toilet rooms, exits, fire extinguishers, and exit/emergency lighting.
  13. By typing my initials in the box above I hereby attest that the information I have provided herein is true to the best of my knowledge.
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