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City Clerk

  1. Request for Public Records Form

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the principal Illinois law governing the inspection of public records. It is a pro-disclosure... More…

  1. Volunteer Application

    Apply to volunteer with the City of Warrenville.

Community Development / Building

  1. Android / iPhone Video Inspections

    This is a temporary solution, allowing residents to continue work on home projects during the COVID-19 crisis

  2. Cargo and Temporary Membrane Structure Permit Application

    This application is required for the use and or construction of temporary storage containers and structures. Approval of this permit is... More…

  3. Facilities Use Application

    For use of city-owned parks

  4. Open Burn Permit Application
  5. Solar Permit Application
  1. Building Permit Application
  2. Certificate of Occupancy

    For obtaining an occupancy certificate due to a change of occupancy, change of classification or use, or addition.

  3. Kennel license Application

    To be used for dog owners having four or more dogs

  4. Outdoor Display Permit


  1. Alarm Application
  2. College Student Internship Program Application
  3. I/We Live Alone Program Application
  4. Report a Lost Animal

    The owner is asked to provide a full description of the lost animal, location and time the animal went missing, and/or a photo. If... More…

  1. Block Party Application
  2. Department Member Complaint Form

    It is the policy of the Warrenville Police Department to thoroughly investigate all complaints of any possible violation of the... More…

  3. Police Explorer Program Application