What type of mosquito abatement program does the City provide?
The City does not spray for mosquitoes. The cost of spraying was $37,325 in 1998, $41,306 in 1999, and $42,132 in 2000. No abatement program has been conducted between 2000 and 2018. The previous Council decision not to provide a mosquito abatement program had some basis in a referendum posted on the November 2000 ballot that asked about increasing the tax rate to fund mosquito abatement. Specifically it stated,

“Shall the maximum tax rate for the general corporate fund of the City of Warrenville be established at .291 percent of the equalized assessed value instead of .266 percent, the maximum rate otherwise applicable to the next taxes to be extended?”

The results of that referendum were that 1,275 Warrenville residents or 24.18% voted yes in support of an abatement program and 3,998 residents or 75.82% voted no to the program. During the West Nile Virus scare in 2001, Council re-visited this issue. At their February 19, 2002, meeting, they decided against mosquito spraying or larviciding due to the potential health risk the chemicals that are used may pose – as provided by resident feedback at the meeting. Further, the effectiveness of spraying pesticides is very limited since Warrenville is surrounded by Forest Preserves. DuPage County Forest Preserve District sprays only when there is a health threat and not for nuisance mosquitoes.

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1. What type of mosquito abatement program does the City provide?
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