Monday, January 17, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. 


In accordance with Governor Pritzker’s Disaster Proclamation, Section 7(e) of the Illinois Open Meetings Act, 5 ILCS 120/7(e), and a determination by the Mayor of the City of Warrenville, this meeting will be held virtually. At least one representative of the City will be at City Hall. The virtual meeting can be viewed at City Hall for members of the public who do not wish to call in and listen to the virtual meeting from another location. 

Please be advised that if, prior to the scheduled meeting date, Governor Pritzker rescinds, or does not extend, his current disaster declaration, the City will be required to conduct the public meeting in the traditional in-person format only, at City Hall, 28W701 Stafford Place, Warrenville, IL 60555. This will be the only notice of the meeting, and where and how the meeting will be conducted. Information regarding the location of the public meeting and instructions for participating in the public meeting will be posted on the City’s website ( and will include updates as needed. Please contact the City at (630) 836-3050 for confirmation of meeting location.

Although public attendance is not limited at this time persons wishing to provide public comment are strongly encouraged to submit written comments via email at by 5:00 p.m. the day of the meeting.* 

 Meeting Access Information: Call: 1 (408) 650-3123    Access Code: 424-710-005

Or join from your computer, tablet or smartphone:





A.    Call to Order 

B.    Roll Call 

C.    Pledge of Allegiance

D.    Recognition of Service for Alderman Anderson



A.    Mayor 

B.    Clerk 

C.    Treasurer 

D.    Aldermen 

E.    Administrator 

F.    Attorney 


A.    Approve Agenda for the January 17, 2022, City Council regular meeting 


A.    Approve minutes of the December 20, 2021, City Council regular meeting 

B.    Approve minutes of the January 10, 2022, Community Development Committee meeting 


A.    Accept Zoning Board of Appeals recommendation, waive second reading, and pass ordinance O2022-01, approving a Sign Ordinance variation for a projecting business identification sign at 28W571 Batavia Road

B.    Accept staff recommendation and pass resolution R2022-01, approving the Legislative Action Program of the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference for the 2022 Legislative Session

C.    Accept Community Development Committee recommendation and designate Alderman Krischel to serve as the Vice Chairman of the Community Development Committee of the Whole

 D.    Receive and file the 2021 annual reports for the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals

E.    Receive and file minutes of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness Commission meeting held on October 19, 2021

F.    Receive and file minutes of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness Commission meeting held on November 16, 2021

G.    Receive and file minutes of the Environmental Advisory Commission meeting held on November 30, 2021

H.    Receive and file minutes of the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals meeting held on January 6, 2022

 I.    Receive and file report of invoices paid up to January 12, 2022, in the amount of $235,144.25

 J.    Authorize expenditures for invoices due on or before February 7, 2022, in the amount of $370,982.31

 K.    Receive and file report of Master Debit Card Expenditures for the month of December 2021, in the amount of $19,537.53


A.    Accept Mayor Brummel’s recommendation and approve the appointment of Craig Kruckenberg to fill the City Council Ward 2 aldermanic vacancy effective immediately and until the term expires April 30, 2023

B.    Accept Mayor Brummel’s recommendation and approve the appointment of John Lockett to fill the City Council Ward 1 aldermanic vacancy effective February 1, 2022,  until until the first regular or special meeting of the City Council following the April 4, 2023 consolidated general election




A closed session has been scheduled to discuss topics which fall under the following exceptions to the Illinois Open Meetings Act:

  • 5 ILCS 120/2 (c) (1) The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body or legal counsel for the public body, including hearing testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee of the public body or against legal counsel for the public body to determine its validity.
  • 5 ILCS 120/2 (c) (2) Collective negotiating matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees.



* For public comment submitted via email to be read aloud at the meeting, the comments must be:

(1)    Typed or written legibly;

(2)    No more than 500 words in length;

(3)    Free of any abusive or obscene language; 

(4)    Received at the e-mail address set forth in this agenda prior to the commencement of the meeting; and

(5)    Include a statement specifically requesting the comments be read aloud.

ADA ACCOMMODATION NOTICE: Requests for accommodations should be submitted to the Assistant City Administrator at (630) 836-3050 or at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. PLEASE SHUT OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES AS THEY INTERFERE WITH THE SOUND TRANSMISSION IN THE CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS.  THANK YOU!