Warrenville/Batavia Right Turn Modification

Warrenville Road and Batavia Road Right Turn Modification


This project will modify the intersection from a right turn 'free flow' condition from westbound Warrenville Road to northbound Batavia Road to an all way stop condition on a trial basis.  The City's traffic consultant performed a traffic analysis for this modification to ensure traffic flow patterns on these streets and the adjacent River Road did not result in significantly longer vehicle queue times.  The purpose of this modification is to allow for future potential on street parking along Batavia Road as part of the Old Town Redevelopment Site #2 Preferred Plan.  During this trial period, the City's traffic consultant will re-analyze the intersection to ensure it is still operating at an acceptable level.  Appropriate traffic control and traffic notification devices will be installed alerting drivers of this change using electronic signs, orange flags, and other traffic control signage.


The construction to complete this modification will begin on April 20, 2022 and will be completed in late April/early May 2022. 


For more information on the Old Town Redevelopment Site #2 (OTRS #2) go to: Old Town Redevelopment Site #2 Website.

For more information about this or OTRS #2, please contact Community Development at 630-393-9050.