Temporary Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating Montri ThaiIn May 2020, the City Council passed Ordinance O2020-24 (PDF), which established a no-charge, Temporary Permit process under which Warrenville food and beverage establishments would be allowed to install and operate new or expanded outdoor seating areas. At its October 5, 2020, meeting, due to the continued COVID-19 emergency, the City Council extended this auxiliary outdoor seating program through June 1, 2021, via Ordinance O2020-35 (PDF).

Program Rules (PDF)

Temporary Use Permit for Outdoor Seating (PDF)

Temporary License Agreement (PDF)

Proceed at Your Own Risk Agreement (PDF)

Apply for City Building Permit to install a Tent: https://www.warrenville.il.us/FormCenter/Community-Development-Building-6/Building-Permit-Application-47

City of Warrenville Liquor License Questions: Diana Herrera 630-836-3050 or dherrera@warrenville.il.us 

Illinois Department of Public Health:  www.dph.illinois.gov

DuPage County Health Department:  www.dupagehealth.org