Annual Road Program

Current Status:

As of September 8, 2023, concrete work, pavement patching, and road resurfacing was complete. The contractor is working on citywide pavement patching and concrete replacements during the month of October 2023.

2023 Road Program Location Map


  1. Cantera Streets containing: Bella Vista Parkway, Bulger Court, Chase Court, Connector Road: Winfield Road to Weaver Parkway, Needham Court, Weaver Parkway
  2. Woodland Road from Curtis Avenue to River Road
  3. Patterman Road from Prairie Avenue to the north dead end 
  4. Ivan Albright Street from Illinois Route 59 to City Limits
  5. Continental Drive approximately from east entrance to west entrance  

Scope of Work:

Construction for the 2023 Road Program began in July. Project work includes:

  • Resurfacing about 6,000 square yards of asphalt;
  • Patching asphalt pavement; 
  • Replacing sidewalk, curb and gutter; and
  • All incidental and collateral work necessary to complete the project.

Construction Contract Amount:

Geneva Construction - $1,642,326

Funding Source:

Capital Maintenance Replacement Plan

  1. Jamie Clark

    Capital Maintenance Superintendent