Speedway Remodel 2019

Project Description: 
Redevelopment of existing gas station with new 3,900-square foot convenience store, 16 automobile fueling stations, three truck/commercial fueling lanes, and associated parking, parking lot lighting, landscaping and stormwater management improvements.

WT Group

2S540 Route 59

Project Status: 
Approved by the City Council on 2-19-19, by Ordinance O2019-03 (PDF). Approvals of Ordinance O2019-03 were extended by O2020-07 on 2-18-20. In May 2020, Speedway obtained a building permit to install a transitional yard fence along the north, and a portion of the west property lines to perform minor grading work. Speedway is actively working on revising its engineering plans to comply with the new stormwater management requirements set forth by DuPage County. The applicant has requested a one-year extension approval due to challenges related to COVID-19 and corporate changes.

Site Engineering Set (PDF), 56 sheets, prepared by WT Group, dated 12-28-2018
Plat of Consolidation (PDF), 1 sheet, prepared by WT Group, dated 12-28-18
Landscape Plan (PDF), 2 pages, prepared by WT Group, dated 12-19-18

Speedway Building and Layout Plan Drawing