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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Cantera Riverview West Lot C-2
Development of an approximately 32.63-acre vacant property located along the north side of Ferry Road and immediately east of the West Branch of the DuPage River with a mixed-use project (“Riverview West”) consisting of 60, three-story townhomes, a single 364-unit, four-story, apartment building with an internal parking garage, and multiple commercial/retail/restaurant buildings containing a total of approximately 35,550 square feet of floor area.

John C. Schiess

Property Owner:
Cantera Apartments, LLC

Project Status:
The Plan Commission recommended conditional approval of the preliminary PUD plans/application per the 12-18-17, Staff Recommendation Memo, attached here. The City Council approved the Preliminary PUD Plans for this project (Ordinance No. O2018-01) at its 1-15-18, meeting.

Preliminary PUD Documents: 

Site Plan dated 12-4-17
Revised Elevations and Floor Plans dated 12-21-17
Architectural Plans for Apartments at Riverview West dated 12-4-17
Baranyk Associates, Ltd. Response to 10-4-17 Staff Review
Baranyk Associates, Ltd. Response to 11-28-17 Warrenville Staff Comments dated 12-4-17
Bollinger Lach Letter to John Schiess dated 12-5-17
Cantera Apartments Variances Request dated 12-4-17
Development Area Exhibit dated 12-4-17
Engineering Ordinance Relief submitted 12-7-17
First Western Properties Marketing Plan submitted 12-7-17
Strategy Planning Associates Fiscal Impact Analysis revised 12-28-17
Gewalt Hamilton Traffic Impact Study revised 12-4-17
Interforum Holdings Resume submitted 12-7-17
Kline Circle Autoturn Exhibit dated 12-4-17
Landscape Plan dated 12-4-17
Major Amendment Application dated 12-4-17
Master Declaration of Covenants dated 12-4-17
Plat of Survey dated 12-6-17
Preliminary Engineering Grading dated 12-4-17
Preliminary Plat of Easement dated 12-4-17
Preliminary Plat of Subdivision dated 1-8-18
Preliminary Utility Plan dated 12-4-17
Response to 11-28-17 Staff Comments submitted 12-7-17
Response to Staff and FPD Comments dated 12-6-17
Riverview West Narrative dated 12-7-17
Table 1 Fee Calculation Off-Street Parking submitted 12-7-17
Table 2 Parking submitted 12-7-17
Table 3 Open Space Statement submitted 12-7-17
Table 4 Lot Data submitted 12-7-17
Table 5 Rental Building Size and Composition submitted 12-7-17
Townhomes Plans dated 12-4-17
Tree Preservation Plan dated 12-4-17
United Survey Response to 11-28-17 Staff Comments dated 11-28-17
Warranty Deed submitted 12-7-17