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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
BP/Dunkin' Donuts (4S120 Route 59)
A petition for special use permit approvals was submitted to allow for a gas station with a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru facility, to operate at the northwest corner of Route 59 and Ferry Road.

Jay Ahmed of Palos Heights, LLC

7/20/17 Public Hearing Documents:
Legal Notice of Public Hearing
Application, Owner-Authorized Traffic Study
Landscape Plan 6-27-2017
Plat of Survey 2-20-17
Site Plan 6-27-17
Itemized Response 8-7-2017
Cover letter - Ferry and Rt 59 8-8-2017
Application Documents 8-7-2017
Google Earth 6-27-2017
Building Plan 6-27-2017
GHA Traffic Study 7-7-2017
IL Drilling Soil Report 7-25-2017
Location List 8-7-2017
Plat - Ferry Rd RT59 2-20-2017
Photometrics 8-2-2017
A1 Site Plan 8-7-2017
A3 Landscape 8-7-2017
A6 bldg elev 8-7-2017
A8 Canopy 8-7-2017
C0 Cover 8-7-2017
C1 Geometry 8-7-2017
C2 Grading 8-7-2017
C3 Utilities 8-7-2017
C4 Demo Impervious Turns 8-7-2017
C5 Erosion 8-7-2017