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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Revised Title 8
The City of Warrenville has made changes to Title 8 of the City's Municipal Code. The new changes include improved code section organization, updated building codes, and revised amendments to the building codes. 

Title 8 Organization
Title 8 of the Warrenville Municipal Code has been reorganized to provide an improved flow for locating references to our building codes and fees. The first ten chapters are dedicated to the corresponding construction type code. Within each chapter, amendments pertaining to that code are placed in the second part of the chapter. Each amendment has sub-section numbers and title to correspond with the published version of the construction code.
Chapters 11 through 19 and 21 are designated for other ordinances pertaining to property development. 
Permit fees are now in a separate chapter, Chapter 20.

2015 International Building Codes
The City of Warrenville has adopted the 2015 International Building Codes published by the International Code Council (ICC). ICC is dedicated to producing and publishing construction codes that have been thoroughly vetted through a governmental process involving construction and code administration experts. These codes are used in all fifty states and several countries internationally. 
The  list of adopted code includes the:
2015 International Building Code for commercial structures.
2015 International Mechanical Code for commercial heating, air conditioning & ventilation.
2015 International Fuel Gas Code for commercial use of fuel gases.
2015 International Existing Building Code for addressing repairs and alterations to existing structures.
The latest published edition of the Illinois Plumbing code for all plumbing projects. 
2015 International Energy Code with Illinois amendments for energy conservation in all construction.
2015 Fire Code for fire safety in all properties and structures.
2014 National Electrical Code for electrical construction and maintenance.
2015 International Residental Code for single family, duplex/townhome (up to six units) construction.
2015 International Pool and Spa Code for swimming pool and spa tub installations.  

The amendments for the I-Codes have been completely revised.
Unnecessary amendments already located in the published I-codes have been removed. 
Section numbers are titled and correspond to the I-Code section number for easier reference.
Clearer intent of many of the amendments is now included.
Other changes:
Requirements for permits of replacing fences is established for when replacement of the fence is 30% or more. Less than 30% is considered a repair and therefore a permit is not required.
New construction sites are now required to have a site sign with the address of the site and the permit card on it. Each site is also required to be fenced, have a container to store waste and a driveway with some sort of surfacing to reduce tracking of mud on the public streets.
Installation of sidewalks now requires a permit to allow for flood control review.  
A reference table is now established for climatic and geographic design criteria.
Automatic fire suppression is now required in attached dwelling construction.