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City of Warrenville
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 630-393-9427
Street & Sidewalk Maintenance
2016 Road Program

The City‘s 2016 Road Resurfacing Program is underway. The scope of the work includes replacing deteriorated curb and gutter, and sidewalks where they exist, grinding off the existing asphalt surface and relaying new asphalt. The roads included in this year’s program are as follows:
  • Behr Circle
  • Forest Lane - This road includes a 4-foot wide patch along both edges of pavement, before it is resurfaced.
  • Glen Drive South - This road will be resurfaced after the sanitary sewer and watermain extensions are completed in late summer / early fall.
  • Iroquois Court - This project is a separate street reconstruction project that includes sanitary sewer and watermain extensions.
  • Jefferson Street; Second Street to Winfield Road
  • Main Street: Second Street to Winfield Road
  • Malvin Albright Street
  • Ridge Drive - This road includes curb and gutter, and sidewalk repairs.
  • River Oaks Drive - This road includes curb and gutter, and sidewalk repairs.
  • Second Street - This road includes curb and gutter, and sidewalk repairs.
  • Shaw Drive - This road includes curb and gutter, and sidewalk repairs.
  • Steadman Avenue
  • Warren Avenue - This road will be resurfaced after completion of the watermain extension project in August.
  • Woodlawn Street

Unless otherwise noted, the streets above will be milled and overlaid with new asphalt surface.

There will be a short period of time when you will experience limited access to your driveway. The limited access will occur during the grinding and paving phases that occur directly in front of your home.

On streets with existing curb and gutter, and public sidewalk, damaged and / or deteriorated pieces of that concrete infrastructure will be replaced with new concrete.  This could cause loss of access to individual driveways for approximately 1 week.  When sidewalk or curb and gutter is replaced next to a driveway apron, the aprons will be treated as follows:
  • Asphalt - The contractor will typically sawcut the asphalt approximately two feet from the edge(s)  of the sidewalk or curb and gutter being replaced.  The reason for this is the asphalt is typically damaged when the curb and gutter is removed.  The asphalt will only be patched.  Driveway aprons will not be completely replaced.
  • Brick - The affected bricks will be removed with the curb and gutter, and stacked next to the driveway apron.  Once the new curb and gutter is poured, the contractor will relay the bricks in the driveway apron.
  • Concrete - The curb and gutter can typically be removed without damaging the concrete driveway apron, so patching is not necessary.  This assumes the driveway apron is in good shape.  If it is not in good shape, this will most likely require some patching, in which case the contractor will sawcut and remove and replace a narrow section along the back of curb that is being replaced.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 630-393-9050.