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Posted on: April 20, 2015

Mayor Brummel Urges Residents to Help Protect Local Funding

Mayor Brummel urged Warrenville residents to voice their opposition to a state proposal aimed at taking local revenue to fix the state’s budget problem. Residents can visit to send a letter to their local legislators and Governor Rauner.

State attempts to take the local revenue from the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) to close budget gaps at the state level are spurring mayors across Illinois to fight to maintain control of local funds. If the state proposal becomes a reality, Warrenville would lose $650,000 annually.

The LGDF returns tax dollars to municipalities across Illinois, including Warrenville, to fund essential services such as police, transportation services to the elderly and disabled, street repairs, and property maintenance efforts. If the local revenue is reduced, Warrenville will have to make up for the funding shortfall.

“Since 2008, Warrenville has made tough decisions to maintain City services in light of declining revenue, while the State did nothing to address their fiscal crisis. The legislators and the Governor need to hear from their constituents on this important matter,” said Mayor Brummel.

“ is an easy way for residents to let their representatives know that they want their service levels maintained and their community protected. It is unfair for Warrenville residents to lose vital local services because the state wants to shift their financial burden on to local communities.”

Designed to stop the LGDF cuts, allows residents to directly voice their opinion and tell lawmakers to make the tough decisions necessary to balance their own budgets – as municipalities have done since the recession began in 2008 – without taking these much needed dollars away from local communities.

After logging on to, it only takes three easy steps to directly contact your legislator and the Governor:

1) Review your letter
2) Fill out your contact information
3) Hit the Take Action button to complete the form.

Residents can also forward and share the site through Facebook and Twitter, encouraging their friends and followers to join the movement as well. A quick link to is located below.

Illinois municipalities rely on the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF), which was instituted in 1969 as part of an agreement under which municipalities would not impose a separate income tax. It guarantees municipalities a share of state income tax receipts to help fund local services. For more information on LGDF, visit the FAQ section at: Departments > Finance > Budgets, Treasury, & Taxes or

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